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We are a Pet Friendly Campsite

Campsite Information

Andrew, Lesley: Welcome you to Casa Chickenrun… Where the emphasis is on a relaxing stress-free environment in which to enjoy the beautiful views & countryside. We have acres of space here, so choose a spot which suits you and prepare to relax. We hope this brief guide to the site & local area will help you settle in, but feel free to ask us for help or information when you need it, we are freely available – blue static entrance down drive.

Water:  We will endeavour to run a water line to your chosen spot. Our water is pumped from a fresh spring water well.   We run the pump each day in the morning between 9am & 10am, and in the evening about 5pm. If you need water at other times please let us know and we will run the pump as required. Please be aware that water is a scarce resource here and is usually only for domestic use.  Car/van washing etc may be possible at certain times of the year but we ask you to consult us before using water for any purpose other than domestic use.  There are buts and bottles at the stand pipe so please feel free to use these, they are frequently topped up.  Please do not tie washing lines on the orange trees but rotary driers are ok.

Waste Water:  Grey waste can be run to the base of the nearest tree. There is a chemical waste disposal point at the far end of the site by the chicken run. We would ask that you do not dispose of hygiene products or nappies in this point.  

Household Waste: There is a collection point about 100metres down the lane. Turn right out of the site and it’s at the second driveway on the left.

Scraps bin: If you have any food scraps please donate for the animals or feed them to them yourself.

Electric:  39 cents a kw  and is metred so you only pay for what you use.

Dogs:  There are 3 family dogs on site, which roam free and are harmless, but they do bark when strangers arrive, so provide good security! If your dog is well behaved then by all means let it run free, but please clean up after it. If you come across poo for which your dog is not responsible, please mark it and let us know so we can clear it up.

Children:  We love children and want them to enjoy the freedom our beautiful site provides. There are 2 horses, 2 kid goats, ducks, numerous chickens, 2 cats and the occasional visiting mule on the site, plus family & visitors dogs. There is also a very deep well and a drainage ditch, so we would ask you to keep the usual parental eye on very young children. Teens can look after themselves as they know everything !!

Shopping:  There are supermarkets, pharmacy, bank with cash point, post office and hairdressers in Mexilhoeira Grande. The village is about 15 minutes walk or 5 minutes in the car. If you are on bikes, and have heavy shopping, let them know at the till-pay for it –they will name it and let us know we will pick it up. Turn left out of the site, at the end of the lane turn right and follow the road up into the village. Further afield there is a medium sized retail park which has fuel, a big supermarket, electrical store and an AKI (B&Q type store) amongst others. Follow the N125 towards Portimao and it’s at the top of the hill on the right, about 10 minutes in the car. In Portimao there is a large retail park with designer outlets, a Jumbo supermarket, phone stores, opticians, cafes etc – if you need retail therapy this is the place for you. Ask us for directions. There are also many local markets to visit, ask us for details.

Eating Out:  There are numerous restaurants in the area, ranging from traditional Portuguese to British, Indian & Chinese.   It’s not possible to list all our favourites, so let us know what you prefer and we’ll make a booking for you and provide directions.

DVD/Books: Please feel free to borrow books, DVD’s from the back of the blue Trojan truck on the drive, it’s always open so help yourself.  BBQs: also help yourselves- in the summer months please have a water bucket available, also for smokers.

Security:  We do not leave the site unattended at any time and the presence of our dogs reduces the risk of unwanted visitors; however we would ask you to observe basic security precautions when you leave your van and go off site.

General Site Rules:  We don’t have ‘do’s & don’ts’ at Chickenrun, as we think adults are capable of using their common sense, however we reserve the right to ask any person[s] for what we consider to be inappropriate behaviour to leave the site. All we ask is that you respect the peace and privacy of others on site and treat the locals with respect, remembering that very little English is spoken in the surrounding villages.